The Traditium Launch

We live in a time when the mainstream culture is all breadth and no depth, where empty cliches serve as grand philosophies, and where asserting something as truth is considered a hostile act.

It is the intent of Traditium is to stand in the midst of all of that and offer different perspectives on our times, our lives and the events of the day. The suffix -ium connotes many things, among them a place where an activity is carried out (stadium, planetarium etc).  Here we propose to examine, with the written word, tradition in the broadest sense–which seems to have no place in an age where the highest and most acceptable worship is that of ego.  It is well passed time to reclaim meaning and truth.

Traditium is set to launch with the first chapter of two of JD Pierce’s novels-in-progress The Same Eye and Maya Winter (see the links in the gray banner above).  Also we hope to be getting some excerpts of Dan Stockman’s novel Brood X.  A columns on the culture is also posted here.  The Links page (also on the banner) points to some websites that may be of interest.   Comments are welcome, and perhaps a few other commentators will join us along the way.

On Relativism

Whether a moral, ethical or philosophical statement can be absolutely true is the central issue of our time. We live in a culture bombarded by messages from television, books, radio, magazines and more. The discoveries of archeology and technology in the last 100 years have placed the entire past and a vision of the future at our doorsteps.

We each have at our fingertips an opportunity Aristotle or Voltaire would practically have given their lives for: We can wade into an almost endless supply of facts and piece together what is true or not true about life, death, the world, the soul and the progressive income tax.

Where science ends, we can rely upon the greatest philosophers and thinkers humanity has ever known to see over the edge. We can climb onto their shoulders and peer out further towards the truth.

The only thing holding us back is a malignant theory of our own invention: The idea that there is no truth to find. As the world has grown smaller and the perspectives of all the cultures have come into focus, some among us have decided that because there are so many belief systems, all of them must be equal.

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