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Rebuild My Church

The words God spoke to St. Francis seem to be hanging in the air lately. It is obvious that the traditional Church, in the corners where it is still allowed to thrive, thrives.

The FSSP the ICKSP, the diocesan Traditional Latin Mass parishes, the orders that embrace the mystical aspects of the faith and reject the dangerous embrace of the values of the Age. All see increases in seminarians, in parishioners, in confessions, in the saving of souls.

Meanwhile, the Church of modernity withers and its leaders declare that it is because we do not cling to the Age tightly enough, that we do not adopt its progressive politics, that we do not flexibly shed the words of prior pontiffs and cast off timeless truths.

As things transform around us though, it becomes increasingly clear that a rebuilding will need to be done to turn the Faith back toward truth and growth.


St Francis Rebuild


#Aeternum @Traditius

On Fridays at 9 p.m. since October 20, 2017, people are gathering for a conversation about papal encyclicals and how they apply today.  We began with Pius XII’s Mystici Corporis Christi, with a goal of not having a class but a wide open twitter conversation on people’s thoughts, insights and reactions to it.  The idea is to pick one encyclical of a pope, discuss it, then move to the pope before him.  Encyclicals, of course, are the teaching letters of the popes about the faith, and they are not necessarily meant to be interpreted by theologians for the public, but rather to be read and considered by the laity.  That’s our goal.

The conversations often start on Traditius’ account, found here and are normally flagged with the hashtag #Aeternum so they can be searched for that way as well.  The draft schedule for the next few weeks is below.

Aeternum List