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boatSeemingly irresistible forces, waves that cover you and want to sweep you off your feet. What are you to do? Make the conscious choice to move the attention of your anxious heart away from these waves and direct it to the One who walks on them and says, “It’s me. Don’t be afraid.”  Keep turning your eyes to him.


– Henri Nouwen



Today, dear brothers and sisters, I wish to make add my voice to the cry which rises up with increasing anguish from every part of the world, from every people, from the heart of each person, from the one great family which is humanity: it is the cry for peace! It is a cry which declares with force: we want a peaceful world, we want to be men and women of peace, and we want in our society, torn apart by divisions and conflict, that peace break out! War never again! Never again war!


— Pope Francis. See here about his call for September 7.



God loves us. I know he does. He’s just got a funny way of showing it sometimes.


— Christopher Walken in Seven Psychopaths

A Few Words From St. Augustine

For Your Word, the Eternal Truth, pre-eminent above the higher parts of Your creation, raises up those who are subject to it; but in this lower world, our humble habitation of clay, He came intending to . . . bring us over unto Himself, allaying our swelling, and fostering our love; such that we might go no further in self-confidence, but rather should become weak, seeing before our feet the Divinity, itself weak by taking on our coat of skin, and wearied, we might cast ourselves down upon it, and the Word rising, might then lift us up.


— St. Augustine of Hippo


Confessions, Augustine, 398 A.D.

See Book 7, Chapter 18 at New Advent.


Defined Terms: Humility

For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but the one who humbles himself will be exalted.
— Jesus Christ, Matthew 14:11.
What the world needs is more geniuses with humility–there are so few of us left.
— Oscar Levant

The Ancient

Modern formulations are necessary even in defense of very ancient truths.


— William F. Buckley


I did try to found a little heresy of my own; and when I had put the last touches to it, I discovered that it was orthodoxy.


— G.K. Chesterton


Wisdom is the view from the hilltop.
— St. Thomas Aquinas



The most perfect degree of humility is to take pleasure in contempt and humiliations. It is worth more before God contempt suffered patiently for love of Him than a thousand fastings and disciplines.

— St. Francis de Sales


[T]rue science discovers God in an ever-increasing degree—as though God were waiting behind every door opened by science.
— Pope Pius XII
Who? When?

Perfection & Prayer

The perfect is the enemy of the good.

— Voltaire

In other words:

If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.
— G.K. Chesterton


Be who you are, and be that well, in order to bring honor to the master craftsman whose handiwork you are.

— St. Francis de Sales


Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary use words.

— St. Francis of Assisi

The Constitution

In justice, too, to our excellent Constitution, it ought to be observed, that it has not placed our religious rights under the power of any public functionary.

— Thomas Jefferson
You know who.

Open Mindedness

It is not a virtue to be so open-minded that your brain falls out.